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At Dermie.AI, we're dedicated to harnessing the synergy of skincare and technology for a healthier world. Our mission is to empower you with informed decisions about your skin health, utilizing cutting-edge technology.

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Empowering Your
Skin Health

We believe in the power of intelligent skincare. Our mission is to make the world healthier. And we are using the skin and technology to do just that. We help you to make informed decisions about your skin health through cutting-edge technology. With a team of dedicated experts in skin and artificial intelligence, we've created technology that goes beyond the surface to help you transform your skin.

For Everyday People

Take control of your health journey with our AI-powered skin tracking app. Our app helps you track and understand your skin, providing insights that enable you to take proactive steps towards a healthier you

Insurers, Employers & Cash Plans

We help you prioritise early detection of skin disease as a cornerstone of risk mitigation. Offer your people services that heighten engagement and long-term retention.

Health Professionals

Our solution enhances the diagnostic capabilities of clinicians, providing a deeper understanding of skin conditions. Elevate your practice by integrating the latest in AI-enhanced healthcare technology.

Skin Diary Access
Seamlessly monitor your skincare journey without missing a beat.
Set up reminders and alerts
Stay on top of your daily progress
Dermatologist Consultation
Engage in in-app chat sessions with professional dermatologists for personalized advice.
Communicate with dermatologists who know
Receive personal advice
Progress Comparison
Compare current status with previous weeks for a clear visual of your progress.
Easily see your journey
Automate reminders, alerts and more
Symptom Tracking with AI
Tailor a unique skincare schedule that perfectly suits your skin's needs.
AI-powered integration to track changes in your skin's condition and symptoms.

Meet the team

Get to know the passionate individuals behind dermie.AI – a team committed to revolutionizing the way you care for your skin.

Yasmin Greenaway
Dr Karishma
Co-founder / Chief Medical Officer
Alex Joseph